Types of players – The Rock

If you want to successfully play poker that has to deal with observing the opponent inevitably. This should be done permanently, so already beginning you plan to leave the game table in the early rounds to the point. There are four types of players and each player has a style that is a more or less large mixture of these types of players, but in order to explain the different styles of play, the four options are described as extreme cases. It is important if you want to become a good poker player is that you meet every style and recognizes and adapts his own play style so that it is called a good mix of every style his own. In order to increase his own chances of winning considerably. It is extremely helpful to make during and after the game notes of his opponents. If you have these analyzed correctly, it is known already at the next meeting and can use this knowledge early on for his own benefit.

The style of play, which is dealt with here is called “The Rock”. As the name suggests, it comes with this style of play to how to play a rock in the surf. Unshakable, attending continually and Security. Players who follow this style are more likely not so popular at the gaming tables. This is due to the fact that “Rocks” only play strong starting hands and otherwise bring any chips in the pot. A “Rock” player is keen to make many small profits rather than to risk something. If you play this style yourself, this is not the wrong strategy, especially in tournaments in the initial phase. “Rocks” do not change their style of play in general, making them transparent and therefore easily you can play it with some skill. If, for example, with a small pair like four / four the game starts, and the “Rock” already brings a raise in early position, you should consider to get directly a re-raise. The “Rock” will tend to fold his hand, even if it is or like Ace / Jack or Eight / Eight. Against these cards you would not want to compete with its pair of four / four anyway. Should “The Rock” call to re-raise, you still have a good chance of winning, as long as the flop looks promising. If “The Rock” yet again raised can be small pair of four / four pass safely, you will not win against the strong hand of “Rocks”.

Playing against a “rock” means to raise more and call less. This seems each logical once you understand the playing style of “Rocks” to use for themselves. The “Rock” player starts the game as a rule only if he holds a strong hand anyway. So what should one do when a “rock” the pot and opened it itself holds eg As / Jack in your hand? You should fold it. The “Rock” is most likely a high pair in your hand. If you assume that one starts with a starting hand, the Jack / Ten shows, one would thus certainly no re-raise venture against a maniac, with a “skirt” on the other hand entirely. The reason is that the “Rock” thus already conjures a very strong starting hand, and, at least if he keeps him also something profitable on hand, asking to reveal their strength, or at least to fold. You play with the uncertainty of the “Rock” who ventures only to the front if it really holds something in his hand. The “Rock” Players should often raise, rarely or never call and one should avoid playing easy-to-hit hands like king / queen or ace / jack against a “Rock”. To call against a perceived “Rock”, it means his chips to waste pointless, which may not be the player’s mind. Against the “Rock” is only a so-called Raise or Fold Poker meaningful.

In summary the style of play “Rock” so that you play overall very careful. Strong Hold Cards are played aggressively, anything does not look right after a winning hand will be folded or gechecked if this is possible. The “Rock” you can only beat when you gradually outblindet him and holds a strong hand here and there, during the “Rock” also holds a good, but not as strong hand, how to bluff itself works against the “Rock” quite good, but you must not leave it so much that this will always work. Even a “rock” analyzes his opponents and will take advantage, where appropriate, that sees him only as “Rock” players. So Raisen and not calling is the right way of playing against a “Rock”. This knowledge about the playing style is a very fast bring some recovered Potts when you discovered it and adjusts itself accordingly. It is but natural to leave also, caution as with any other game styles so as not to run the risk to be undermined by the supposed rock that is not one. Rocks are not to be underestimated in any case, they have internalized the basics of poker and know how to play that style.

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