Tickets for the Rugby World Cup will be completely sold out

Ireland are preparing for September's tournament

Ireland are preparing for September’s tournament

This years Rugby World Cup is tipped to be sold out.

England Rugby 2015 chairman Andy Cosslett confident that by the time the tournament kicks off on September 18th every ticket will have been bought.

An additional 100,000 seats have been made available this week following adjustments to the configurations for the 13 match venues, bringing the total number of tickets available to 2.45million and Cosslett believes they will all be sold.

“On the basis of the sales we’ve seen so far, we expect there to be a full house for every match.

“There may be the odd day of uncertainty as we get closer to the tournament, but I think it’ll be a full tournament.”

 The ninth installment of the World Cup is shaping up to be the biggest in every respect – ticket sales, venues, viewing figures – but Cosslett insists delivering a memorable  event would trump size.

“We’re trying to make it the best. The biggest tag is nice to have alongside your name, but the most important thing is that it’s the best,” he said.

“The way we define that is the tournament that delivers the biggest impact for rugby and we’ll do that by putting on the best show we’ve ever seen. Full stadiums are clearly a part of that.

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