The Way to Winning at Video Poker

Although an online slot machine game, Video Poker is different as you can affect the odds by the way you play and if you play correctly winning at video poker is easy.

There are 4 cardinal rules to follow to end up winning at video poker longer term.

The Game basics

The game of video poker is essentially simple, and is based on the well-known poker rules. However in Video Poker you are playing against the machine only and not other players.

As in real poker, the Video Poker Slot will deal five cards on the screen. You can keep the 5 cards or ask for 5 new ones.

To keep the cards you want you just press a “hold” button under the card in question.
At this point, you then press the “play” button and play begins, with replacement of some or all the cards you did not wish to keep.

As this is the final hand, it is simple to see who won, you or the machine.

So the secrets of winning at video poker are built around the choices you can make.

4 tips to win at Video poker

The four choices you have to make are here.

1. Put the Odds in your favor before you begin.

Although a slot game, Video poker is still based upon the classic 52 card deck and thus there are mathematically 2,598,960 possible combinations.

Also, as Video Poker is also a computer program it will simulate (as much as possible) the actual probabilities of playing real poker.

As the casino understands the fixed possibilities, they adjust the payout tables, and always to the house’s advantage, but it varies and with strategy you can gain an edge.

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