Ranking of Poker Hands

If you are new here, to play poker, then it will sometimes be confusing to remember the winning cards. Even someone who can make it happen, he asks what is higher, a straight flush or a full house for months plays. Here is an overview of a possible 10, winning hands. Maybe you should provide this product with a bookmark or print it so you always have it on hand when you play.

(Showing here uses the English names: Q = Queen / Queen, J = Jack / Jack, T = Ten / Ten, h = heart / heart, d = diamont / diamonds, c = clubs / Cross, s = spades / spades )

10 Royal Flush: This is the best possible hand. Nothing-absolutely nothing-they can beat. It consists of the five highest consecutive cards of the same color. For example, Ah, Kh, Qh, Jh, Th

9 Straight Flush: The second best hand is any five consecutive cards of the same color. For example, 4d, 5d, 6d, 7d, 8d.

8 Four of a Kind (four same): These are any four cards that are the same. For example, 7d, 7h, 7c, 7s.

7 Full House: This is three of a kind plus twin together. For example, Qh, Qc, Qd, 4h, 4c. Also known as “Queens full of Fours” (ladies fours)

6 Flush: This is five cards of the same suit, but not in a row. For example: Kh, Jh, 8h, 7h 2h. This case would also be known as a “King high flush.”

5 Straight: These are five cards in sequence, but not necessarily the same color. For example: 3h, 4h, 5d, 6c, 7h.

4 Three-of-a-Kind/Drilling: These are three cards that are the same. For example: 7d 7h, 7c.

3 Two Pair: These are two sets of two cards that are the same. For example: 7d 7h Tc, Th

2nd pair: These are two cards that are the same. For example: 7d 7h.

1 High Card / High Card: This is when you have the highest card and no one else has one of the above combinations of cards. For example, you have a Qd and your opponent has none of the above combinations and no A, K or Q.

This basic hand combinations are very important for an early success in poker, whether online or offline. Once you know these hands like their hand, the next trick is to recognize them on the table. There is nothing more disappointing than being excited that you have a straight, but which is then beaten by a flush, one has not detected.

So remember this list, or put it at least next to him … and soon to be listed Hands second nature.

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