Play poker with the Family

I was probably in 3rd grade and Jeff and Stew were intermediate. They found out that I was an easy target. I was very business-minded and always had money by the door-to-door selling “Creepy Crawlers” toys (do you remember those?) And I wandered through the woods with my red car (Sears not Radio Flyer .. Mama got a discount!), collected Limonandenflaschen and exchanged them at the Grand Union for 5 cents a. For an 8-year-old I was rich.

I also vaguely remember the fact that I was quite good at card games. I’ve probably gained more than I lost. The problem was that my oldest brother, Jeff threatened me to hit me if I would not give him back his money and my other brother, Stew would cry if I did not give him back what he has lost (or mama say and you would bring myself to him to return). Normally we finished a game after 2 or 3 hours, undecided whether I had lost or not.

Many things have changed since then and some have remained the same. Jeff can not threaten me longer to beat me if I take his money. Stew however, still howling. But I keep his money anyway. Unless he complains to mom.

Which brings me to the point of this article: poker games with her family.

First, you play for 5 and 10 cents. Although you can not win a large amount, you can not lose much even and those are the people you are going to see again one day. Poker with the family should be for fun and not for money.

Second, you put firmly rests. There is always someone who does not want to stop for any reason. Put you firmly pause times before you start and you will have a more harmonious experience.

Third, let everyone play. If you are old enough to understand it, they are old enough to participate. Plus, it’s a good binding experience. Nothing oppressive love from so much as play with dad.

Today I play poker games where hundreds of dollars from one source depend. It is fun. It pleases me. But not as much as the games that I played with my brothers when I was in 3rd grade.

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