Kill Game Poker Rules

Limit Omaha 8 and Hold’em can be played as a Kill Pot variant. We distinguish the Full Kill and Half Kill variant again. If anyone in this variant, two qualified pots in a row (in Holdem) wins, or in Omaha Hi / Lo with a qualified pot the high and the low pot wins increase for the next hand the stakes.
In Holdem, a player must first gain a full pot. So the pot is deemed “qualified”, it must have a certain level (most 5 BB). If a player has won such a pot, he gets the so-called “Kill Button”. On one side of the button usually is “Partial Kill” and on the other side “Kill Pot”. If the player receives the button the first time, shows the side that says “Partial Kill” upwards. If the player wins the next next (qualified) pot with the button, the button will be turned over and the page with “Kill Pot” is facing up. This is the next pot to a Kill Pot. In this pot then double the stakes (not the blinds). The player with the kill button must pay in this pot a dummy in the amount of the blinds. When he sits, the player with the kill button in the blinds, he pays the kill blind instead of the normal blinds.
In Omaha / 8 is the thing regulated little different with the kill. The player must win in succession no two pots, he just needs a qualified pot gain (eg if he wins both the high as well as the low pot or if there is no low pot, but was the high pot qualified), in this case the next hand a kill pot. The rules are then the same as in Holdem. If that player wins the pot continue without interruption, the kill blind will remain until he wins no pot. There are also in addition to the Full Kill option nor the Half Skill variant in which the stakes are not doubled, but increased by 50%.

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