Heads-up Poker Rules

If a player would like to have a lot of action at play, he should play heads-up poker. All variations of poker can be played as a heads-up variant, players on to play more hands and the game is much more aggressive. The rules for the heads-up are the same with each played poker variants, although there are one or the other exception. If you play with blinds, the dealer before the flop is always at the same time the small blind – the action begins with him in every subsequent round, the dealer, however, in the position that he has to make his decisions as final. Heads-up means that only 2 players can play against each other. In Limit Heads-Up Games the number of raises is unlimited. In most games, the player can normally raise only three times, in heads-up limit can be as long as a raise until one player is all-in.

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