5 Card Stud Rules

From the original form of poker, Five Card Stud, and Seven Card Stud was born. Five Card Stud is particularly popular in Asia and is mostly played in the Potlimit variant.

Five Card Stud works the same as Seven Card Stud, with the following exceptions:

  • There are dealt only one face down and one card in the beginning. This is followed by a betting round.
  • There are then still dealt two face up and one card face down to each player. After each dealt card is a round of betting.

Five Card Stud is played with a 52 cards deck of cards. It can participate in the game up to 8 players.
Five Card Stud is played with an ante and a bring-in. The amount of the Ante may vary from game to game and is agreed between the players, but usually is 1/5 of the carry-ins. The ante has to be paid by all players, who gets paid no Ante no cards. At the beginning of each player is dealt two cards (one card face down and one card). The player with the lowest card must, the bring-in bet to make (either a half or a full Low Low Bet Bet). If two players have the same low card, decides the color. It is this ranking (from low to high): Cross (clubs), Diamonds (Diamond), heart (Heart) and spades (Spade). After the bring-in has been rendered, the betting rounds start (clockwise), with the player left of the player who has the bring-in paid begins. Now each player can decide whether he folds, calls or raises. The amount of raises depends on the amount of carry-ins from (was the bring-in bet ½ low, the raiser can only add up to a full low-Bet, was the bring-in a great low-bet, the Raiser a double low-bet raise).

Each round allows a maximum of four bets per player, consisting of an insert and 3 increases. After the betting round, each player is dealt in the hand one additional card. The highest pair makes now the next action. If anyone has a pair, the player assumes with the two highest cards the initiative and has to decide whether he folds, or is checked out. So it is now in a clockwise direction until all players have had their turn. Then the next betting round starts and all players in the hand receive another card. The effluent from the previous betting round is repeated the action again starts with the player with the highest hand open. The size of the stakes doubled from this time. After this round, the last card is distributed and the final betting round starts. The sequence corresponds to the previous betting rounds. When the final betting round is finished, the player who had set or a raise as the last, has the opportunity to show his cards or abandon the hand and throw the cards away. Each player then has to decide whether he wants to show his hand or want to give up the hand and discard the cards in your hand. The player who revealed his cards and the highest 5-card poker hand has, wins the pot.

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